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Since 2010, Arclabs ATI has grown daily to expand our service reach so that we can come to you instead of having you come to us, offering individuals comprehensive, hands-on welding training and certification testing.

Currently, Arclabs ATI has 6 testing and training labs located in Texas and South Carolina. We have mobile labs and CWIs in those states and plan to have a full-service metallurgical lab in each. Soon, we will be able to serve our clients in every state, from Texas to the Atlantic Ocean. 

We are growing and hiring ASNT inspectors and more AWS CWIs to build this incredible service for you, our clients. Our focus is not just on learning but on gaining the confidence and experience needed to excel in today’s competitive workforce.

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Gene Crook, President

With a long, successful history in the welding trade, Gene Crook recognized the need for well-trained welders in compliance with AWS standards. Since founding Arclabs ATI, he has trained thousands of clients ranging from beginners to experienced professionals seeking advanced training. Serving as a member of the American Welding Society, Gene recognizes the demand for high-quality certified welders and has made it his mission to add value to the industry.

Steve Wheat, CWI

ATI/ATF Director

Steve Wheat entered the welding industry in 1985 after leaving the United States Army.  His first job was as a welder’s helper for Thermo Kinetics at a PPG fiberglass plant in Shelby, NC. He then went to work with Sander Brothers Construction out of Gaffney, SC, as a welder, traveling around working at fiberglass plants and paper mills for three years. Afterward, he shifted to Century Contractors, becoming a certified welder, and developed the skills to become a pipe fitter. After several years working in the new construction of fiberglass plants, water treatment plants, pharmaceutical plants, and power plants with Century.

After 10 years working with Century Contractors, Steve felt it was time to come off the road to spend more time at home with family. He went to work for various local companies in the Greenville area, developing new welding processes and procedures to manufacture parts for General Electric gas turbines, overseeing new products and development, supervising all the welders in the weld shop and working in the quality department. 

Steve joined Arclabs Welding School in May 2010 as the Lead Welding instructor. He later moved to his current role as the Director of Arclabs ATI Services, where we provide welder testing and certification. 

Outside work, he enjoys fishing, riding motorcycles, and spending time with his family.

Authorized OSHA Safety Trainer

Brandon Kelly

ATI Certified Test Supervisor

Brandon is certified to perform weld testing through ATI quality certification in compliance with AWS and ASME welding codes. He graduated from Arclabs Welding School in 2011 and is a former Labtech/Assistant Instructor.

In his spare time, he enjoys dabbling in art, playing pool, and spending as much time as possible with his grandson.

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Accredited Testing

Arclabs ATI has AWS, ASME and API Accredited Testing Facilities and provides welding testing and certification for employers and CTE schools.

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In our training, testing, and inspections, we start with experienced, certified and
fully qualified personnel to do the work.

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